"Priests & Preachers Coming to Islam?"

True Life Story
How Yusuf Estes Came to Islam
Before and After
Chaplain Yusuf Estes
Former Christian, & Federal Prison Chaplain.
Why Are So Many Priests & Preachers Entering Islam?
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Sheik Yusuf Estes
Former Christian Preacher

Who Are These Ex-Preachers?

What Did They All Learn About Peace in Islam?

Why Is Islam the World's Fastest Growing Religion?
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Imam Siraj Wahaj
Former Minister Nation of Islam
My Dad And I After Coming to Islam
Brotherhood of Islam

Abu Yusuf & Sheik Yusuf

Islam brought us closer than ever as Father & Son - & brothers
My father who was an ordained minister, we me before he died in 2002. The beautiful thing is that he did accept Islam before his death. And all praise is to Allah for this.
Read the whole story of how my father introduced me to the man who would lead us all to - ISLAM

"From $UCCE$$ to - True Peace"

[Introduction] - "Priests and Preachers Entering ISLAM"

[Part 1]

Before Islam: Making Money! - Background story BEFORE ISLAM!

Learning Islam - So Many Priests & Preachers - Examining Religious Thought.

[Part 3]

Entering Islam - Actual Story of Making Shahadah - and after.

- Introduction -

[Before ISLAM]
"Success" is GETTING what you WANT . . [click] for larger picture
Skip Estes - Christian Musician Minister - 1988

[After ISLAM]
"Happiness" is WANTING what you GET!  [click] for larger picture
Sheik Yusuf Estes -- Muslim Chaplain - 2000

I always thought - "Success is - getting what you want!" I came to know - "Happiness is - wanting what you get!"
To be honest, I was a "dedicated Christian" and a good 'ole boy from Texas. I hated anything and everything about those "Mozlems", just like you are supposed to, here in the West.
One day, I met a real Muslim and I wanted to 'convert' him to Christianity. But I soon learned there is lot more to Islam than I knew. The more that I learned about REAL ISLAM, the more I was surprised at the similarities.

We were told, "They don't believe in God; they worship a black box in the desert; they kiss the ground 5 times a day, - they are hijackers! - Kidnappers! Terroists! Hijackers!

If you are an American Christian - you have to hate them! - All of them! -- So I did!

Many people, Muslim and Non-Muslim alike, ask me the question:

"Chaplain Yusuf, how did you come to Islam?
Well neighbor, here's my story. . .

Take your time and read a while. You may be surprised and you just might learn something new today --> ISLAM

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The actual detailed story is in a CD (& video) called:
"Priests & Preachers Coming to Islam?"

Available from "Islam Tomorrow" at:

"How I Came to Islam" - Yusuf Estes

And then I completely and wholeheartedly submitted and surrendered my individual freedom of choice to the Will of the One Who had Created and Sustained me from the very beginning - ALLAH (Arabic, literally: "THE GOD"). [click here to learn more about ALLAH]

This is what "Islam" means - exactly. [click here to learn more about ISLAM]
To whom is all thanks and praise and worship due? Only to the One and Only Creator, Designer and Sustainer of the Universe. The One True GOD - Allah.

And in Arabic you place "MU" before a verb to indicate the one who is doing it, instead of "ER" after the verb as we do in English. [click here to learn more about MUSLIM]

So, a MU-Islam" (Muslim) is simply one who tries to submit, in peace to Almighty God.

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Yusuf Estes, former Christian, & Federal Prison Chaplain
This is the background information. 

"Success is getting what you want! . . "


". . Happiness is WANTING WHAT YOU GET"!


The first 50 years or so of my life I had been married, divorced, remarried, had 5 children, 4 grandchildren and lived under some poor and some rich conditions. I had been able to visit almost every state in the United States and visited many other countries around the world, including:
Monaco, the Grand Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, England, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Germany, Denmark and Austria.

I have enjoyed the company of princes, paupers, rulers and slaves (really). I have been the guest in palaces and been a member of exclusive country clubs and even sat in jails with prisoners.. I have made and lost large fortunes of wealth on this earth. I started my own business at 12 years of age. I made my first million before the age of 35. (I lost it by age 40)! Several times after that I earned other fortunes and wasted them on foolishness.

Even when I lost money, I never considered I was a 'looser'. I was only: "In between successes." Worldly wealth had always been important to me. I liked the power of being able to do - what I wanted, where I wanted, when I wanted, because I wanted.

But the most important thing I discovered of all, was the

Allow me to make a few observations about us as human beings. No human can truly claim the "happiness of success" unless and until he comes to grips with the purpose of life. What are the questions that most often plague mankind? What are the concerns we all share? And more important, how can we find the real answers to these essential questions?

Unless and until these questions are satisfied within the soul of the human, he can never truly claim a peace within. That 'peace' which only comes with the compliance to the purpose of the individual with regard to his Creator can never be achieved and will always be sought for until he comes to the reality of the 'Purpose of Creation', 'Purpose of Life', and 'Fulfillment of Purpose' within.

These can only be developed when the human realizes that he did not create himself, nor did he create his environment nor his sustenance. All of this came from outside of his control and creative abilities. He must acknowledge a Creator and Sustainer, Greater than himself. A Creator who is in fact, absolute and Perfect in every manner and aspect. He (the Creator) has no beginning nor end. He is not Created nor Sustained. Yet He Creates and Sustains all that there is in existence. He is Unique, unlike that which He has Created. And there does not exist in His Creation anything like unto Him. His Creation is not a part of Him (otherwise you would have to say; 'He Made a Part of Himself'). He is not now, nor was He ever in His Creation.

Our very life, which He put us into is in fact, merely a test to show us our own true nature and characteristics. Although, He has All Knowledge and does not need to put us in this test. But He is going to show us all, ONE DAY, that we were indeed most ungrateful for what He has given us and have not fulfilled the terms and conditions of the 'Purpose of Life'.

True satisfaction and inner peace can only be achieved by facing this reality and then surrendering to the 'Almighty'.

This concept of total reality can only be developed when the individual realizes that he or she is not the creator or the sustainer of 'self'. Nor did he/she create this environment. All of this came from outside of his/her control and abilities.

This life He put us into is then, in fact, merely a test to show us our own true nature and characteristics. Although, He has All Knowledge and does not need to put us in this test to know our nature. But rather, that we would be reconstructed on the Day of Judgment by Him, to be shown our behavior and deeds in this life. He will then let us see, One Day, that we were indeed most ungrateful for what He has given us and have not fulfilled the terms and conditions of the 'Purpose of Life' here in this material world. In a sense, being brought forward as it were, to bear witness against ourselves on this Day of Judgment.

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"Before & After - ISLAM"

- Poem by Yusuf Estes

  • I see now my quest in life had been in vain.
  • I desired pleasure and material gain.
  • For those around me, my goals where plain,
  • I tried to achieve them all without regard to pain.
  • I wanted the glitter and glamour this world provides.
  • I couldn't see the treasures that all this hide.
  • My 'Quest for wealth' - could never buy what I needed most.
  • My 'Search for fame' - was like trying to catch a ghost.
  • But when my prayers were for 'Guidance' from the 'One Above'.
  • I found success in 'Total Submission' to the Will of Him -- in Love.
  • I found all the riches, glory and happiness that one might require,
  • But most of all I discovered my real heart's desire.
  • I found the which is the secret of Life's Lease,
  • I found the One Who Gave all, when He gave me PEACE.
  • It finally came after all those years of trouble and strife
  • That to do "ISLAM" is the PURPOSE OF LIFE.
"Priests & Preachers Enter ISLAM?"

Many people ask me how a preacher or priest in Christianity can ever go to Islam, especially considering all the negative things that we hear about Islam and Muslims everyday. I would like to thank everyone for their interest and offer my humble story, God Willing.

Actually, a very nice Christian gentleman asked me through email why and how I left Christianity for Islam. So this is more or less a copy of the letter that I sent back to him.

How It Happened
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The actual detailed story is in a video called
"Priests & Preachers Enter Islam"
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